Manu Campa

Manu is a painter born in Madrid in 1983. He graduated in Fine Arts in 2008 from the UCM. During his career it was the aesthetics of everyday life that began to attract his attention, so since then he has worked figuratively and realistically.

Since 2010 he has been basing his work on some of his passions. First were the animals, as a portrait. Then came the bicycles, their favorite means of transportation to get around the city. Then came the urban landscape, where his neighborhood, Malasaña and its light were the central axis of his work.

For some years now it has been the world of the engine in which he has placed all his attention. Classic cars, another of his passions, have since become the main motif of his work, the reflections or brightness of each painting being his particular hallmark.

His style is something pop, realistic (without the “hyper”) and figurative. He has exhibited his work in cities such as Miami, Madrid, Tokyo, New York, Shanghai, Oxford, Lisbon or Biarritz, is brand ambassador of Mini and Tag Heuer and has collaborated with brands such as Porsche, Play Station, Repsol, Petrolicious, Kia, Huawei, Coca-Cola and Dunlop.

Individual exhibitions:

  • “MonaPOP”, Baluarte. Madrid, Spain. 2022
  • “Timeless Machine”, JPS Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan. 2019
  • “Legends”, BeCurious Gallery. Madrid, Spain. 2018
  • “Art Show”, Space Mood. Madrid, Spain. 2017
  • “Hot Rides”, Espacio Cruz Bajo. Madrid, Spain. 2015
  • “Chrome that Wood”, Velocité. Lisbon, Portugal. 2014
  • “Chrome that Wood”, Slowroom. Madrid, Spain. 2014
  • “Between Pedals and Asphalt”, Ciento y Pico. Madrid, Spain. 2013
  • “Bike for Life”, La Bicicleta. Madrid, Spain. 2013
  • “Madriz”, Rughara. Madrid, Spain. 2012
  • “Noah’s Ark”, Monkey Garden. Madrid, Spain. 2012
  • “Madrid in Construction”, Enfant Terrible. Madrid, Spain. 2012

Collective exhibitions:

  • “Art Shanghai”, ArtAir. Shanghai, China. 2022
  • “Mini Art Week”, Ortega y Gasset, 8. Madrid. Spain. 2021
  • “Espacio Beny”, Galería Beny Fernández. Vigo, Spain. 2021
  • “UNWRAPPED”, Area 36 Gallery & Cafe. Tokyo, Japan. 2020
  • “Carbon Fiber”, David Rosen Galleries. Miami, USA. 2019
  • Foundation Scholas Occurrentes Auction, Headquarters of the United Nations. New York, USA. 2018
  • Art Concept Fair, Bayfront Park. Miami, USA. 2016
  • “Art on Wheels”, The White Room Studio. Madrid, Spain. 2015
  • Game Global Arts, Hotel Puerta de América. Madrid, Spain. 2013